5 x 4 hour kids surf lessons – “The Mini Semi Pro Package”

  • Duration : 4 Hours (approx.)
  • Location: Byron Bay, NSW
  • Product code : PZHK7J

x 4 hour lesson (from pick up to drop off)


equipment Supplied - We provide Oneil wetsuits and rash vests to keep the
little dudes & dudette’s warm, safe kids sized soft board’s ,
sunscreen,  water & transfers to and
from the beach.  


This course is suited for ages 5 - 12yrs of all
abilities and is one of our most popular packages as we can show your child a
wide range of techniques to make them a competent surfer !!!


It is aimed at kids who really want to get into
surfing as each lesson is different and the course is packed with content.

Our coaches love teaching the 5 day course as we can
really see the kids progression from the start of the week to the end


We aim to improve Paddling technique and timing to enable
them to catch every way they go for

We work at making your Pop up technique perfect so
your feet land in the sweet spot on the Board on a consistent basis


We focus on stance and work on slowing and speeding up
your surfboard

We introduce a Frontside turn and a Backside turn and
help them  practice both turns in the

We aim to start catching unbroken waves if the
conditions on the day allow

We will work on outback surfing techniques (showing
them how to sit up and spin your board prior to paddling for a wave)


We will aim to experiment with riding
different surfboards and possibly introducing more manouverable smaller soft


Includes free Soul Surf Trucker Cap

Our Instructors are really patience with the kids and
always make sure they feel safe and comfortable in and out of the water.  


-Your Child’s safety is always our main priority on
our lessons


All of our instructors hold certificates


professional lifeguard certificates

Level 1 & 2 surf coaching Awards with
Surfing Australia

Senior First Aid

Working with Children Check



We always welcome parents to come along on
lessons as cheerleaders or join in on the lesson themselves, however if you are
looking for some quiet time, feel free leave your kids in our capable hands for
the duration for their lessons.